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Wednesday, November 22nd
Content Manager

Mark Wilson

Taco Tuesday dominated the morning’s idle chatter. Where to get tacos? What new styles of tacos were we going to try out? The Leadflask offices were slightly buzzier than most days, and the reason was tacos.

Then we got to work, of course, putting tacos out of our minds until lunchtime.

The Leadflask Team

Dan and Patrick, the company’s co-founders, check in and help to set priorities for the day. They’ll be bouncing in and out of everyone’s work, reviewing code or content, providing direction, and interfacing with clients.

Cage, our user experience expert, is working on a wireframe design for a bold new national initiative for one of our largest clients. The amount of information and traffic the site is receiving is revealing the limitations of the current site structure. So we’re expanding on it to better house content and directory information on thousands of industry organizations and topics.

Jesse, the team’s back-end developer, is working on another aspect of that same directory, making sure the database elements align properly and can be referenced easily once the large listing goes live.

Jason, the front-end developer, is bringing to life some designs that Cage worked on last week for a client. He’s also got a second project that he’s working on, an offer page for a separate client who is expanding on their deals and specials and needs a way to present that in an engaging way to customers.

Mark, the content manager, is furiously typing. He’s putting the finishing touches on an article about working with the team here at Leadflask, and is wondering if it’s weird to be writing about himself in the third person. Once he’s done with that question, though, he’ll be back into content planning and editing of educational content for a couple of clients. He has a meeting today with Cage to discuss the particulars of the client website buildout Cage is working on, since it’s the team’s content efforts that are driving the need to expand the website.

Holly, the staff writer, is doing much the same today. She has a couple of topics she’s researching and vetting with a subject matter expert, and this educational content will be posted to a client’s website by week’s end.

It’s a relatively quiet office environment as everyone does their work, interspersed with questions and discussions related to one or more projects. Small breakout meetings happen as needed, and otherwise everyone is left to their workflows.

Then noon hits, and it’s time for tacos.

Your Interaction With Us

None of what was described above is done in a bubble. Chances are, each member of the team is touching base with client stakeholders on a near-daily basis to update them on work.

Throughout, everyone is communicating via Slack (our primary communications app), either within the team as needed to touch base on various projects, or in separate communications channels dedicated to clients.

Collaboration with our clients is important to us, so we’re never too far removed from communication on our work queue and what the next steps are.

Other Projects: Beyond the Day-to-Day

We talked in the abstract a bit above about what sorts of tasks we’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis, but holistically, what types of services can you expect from Leadflask?

  1. Website Design, Redesign and Maintenance
  2. Paid Digital Ad Management
  3. Content Marketing Strategy and Execution
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution
  5. Website and Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Not every client utilizes each of those, but the ones who see the greatest benefits are those who are working together with us as partners.

If you’re just looking for a “one and done” marketing campaign, there are plenty of agencies who will do a decent job for you. At Leadflask, though, we want to create meaningful, long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and allow us to leverage our full range of expertise and services.

We build authoritative brands. Is yours next?

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