4 Ways To Start Building Brand Authority

Tuesday, October 19th
Marketing Director

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The journey to growing your brand does not have a "cookie-cutter" answer. As vague as it may be, brand awareness has one main goal that overarches everything else; building trust. As you build trust with your customers, you'll start to see that the authority comes with it. Lucky for you, we have compiled a shortlist of things you and your business can be doing to build your brand:

#1 - Content Content Content.

When you think of content, your mind probably has a default view of what that would look like (or rather how much it'll cost). Some of you may be picturing blogs like this. Others may be envisioning videos on youtube showcasing a product. You are all right! Content creation is as simple as sharing resources with your consumers. You can have:

  • Written Content - blogs, articles, and guides
  • Visual Content - videos or infographics
  • Audio Content - podcasts
  • Or any resources you can think of

Content provides a way to connect with your audience authentically while getting your brand name in front of people (you know, to build authority). At LeadFlask, we excel at building authoritative brands by filling a gap in the market. Some of our consumer-centered branding efforts include:

  • Learning Centers
  • Cost Calculators
  • Compare Systems
  • Interactive Glossaries
  • Interactive Diagrams
  • Interactive "How it Works."

By filling the gap, creating the content, and pushing forward, you will see that all of these are vital to building your brand authority.

#2 - Personality

Treating your brand as a person is the first step to giving your brand a personality. It's literally in the word.

Quite a few brands do this so well that we immediately think of all the personalities instead of the product. Progressive? Think Flo. Aflac? That silly little duck. Even brands like Nike and Apple, who don't have a mascot, have established personalities. The personality of Apple is sophistication. Sleek and simple.

Remember that your brand personality should have a role in advancing the business strategy and the brand.

You don't want to have a personality just to have one.

Your brand personality should also appear authentic and not forced.

You can build that personality with content that will continue to build your authority.

#3 - Sponsor

Total up all the events you've been to in your life. Conferences, festivals, concerts, sporting events, or fairs... the list goes on and on.

Sponsoring events is an easy way to get your brand in front of hundreds of people that fall into your target audience. Your brand authority will be everywhere and grow if you sponsor an event.

You don't have to go as big as the "Pepsi Halftime Show" or "MetLife Stadium." You can start much smaller.

Consider small events in your service area. A fair? A high school football game? The point is to be there consistently. Combined with content and personality, sponsoring events stands to keep building your brand.

#4 - Now, this is Podcasting.

Podcasts weren't nearly as easy ten years ago as they are today. Now, creating and releasing audio content like a podcast is almost as simple as written content. Doing a podcast has the potential to take your brand to the next level of awareness and authority.

Why? Because podcasts, like written or visual content, provide a way to connect with your audience authentically. Podcasts allow you to educate, inform, entertain, or advise your audience and build trust by doing so.

Building and growing brand awareness is a never-ending process, just as maintaining a friendship or relationship never really ends.

Be sure to check out our other blogs to continue growing your brand.

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