Dear Google Pt. 2

Thursday, June 10th
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If you haven’t read part one, you might want to do that first…

For those of you that have read part one (or those of you that also refuse to read the Ikea instructions), Welcome!

Getting the attention of Google seems to be an uphill battle. It takes time and effort. However, unlike most things in the digital world, it’s free! Your Google Maps listing can allow customers to discover you causing you to rise above your local competitors and get more feet in through your physical door. Did I mention this was free? These benefits are only enabled by the strength of your listing. Your business may be listed in an area but that is just one small step to your success.

St. or Street?

Google Maps ranks consistent businesses. That means Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, and your website need to have the same thing. If you abbreviate Boulevard (Blvd) in one spot but not the other, that can hurt your listing.


800 and 877 toll-free numbers are a huge flag to Google that you could be spam. Use a local number with a familiar area code. Google likes this. Customers like this. It helps across the board with business clarity.

“If the Bank is Closed… I’m Closed.”

If you have ever arrived at a business that is closed when Google clearly showed it as open, you know this heartbreak. Unfortunately, that is sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances but on Holidays you need to be clear when you are anticipating to be open. Not only does that facilitate trust with your potential customer but with Google as well.

Describe Everything!

This is cut and dry. If you are having a hard time putting the words on the paper - or screen, we have a previous blog about discovering your business's Core Values. You need to aptly describe your business so that expectations can be set as to what your business provides.


The category of your business as it appears on Google Maps is paramount. If you are an automotive mechanic it may not be in the best interest to list as a “Health and Wellbeing” business. The primary category is the most important with secondary ones allowing you to cater to a more broad audience.

All in all, these are very simple- and FREE ways to help facilitate and dominate digital presence. Listings on Google Maps are the bread and butter to help customers quickly access the information on your business. Stay tuned for part 3!

"What happens on social media stays on Google forever." - Anonymous

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