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Thursday, January 04th
UX / UI Designer

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UX or User Experience is a fundamental part of your business's digital presence. Story-telling, engagement, and usability are the staple objectives in catering to the customer visiting your space on the web. UX design encompasses the entire user journey. However, UI or User Interface is the visual and interactive design that a user sees. Branding and the layout of websites fall under the umbrella of UI.

First and foremost, identify the properties of your user. If you have existing clients or customers, you have a head start! User research is an excellent way for us to understand the people we are designing a digital forefront. User interviews -which can be with existing clients -are very critical for insight. During user interviews, feelings may be mentioned in the conversation but are not the focus of the inquiry. The objective of the meeting is to identify:

  • Who they are (profile)
  • What they do, when and where (context)
  • Why they do it (needs, goals, tasks)
  • How they do it (experience)
  • What they like or dislike (frustrations)

Asking the questions shows us how our -or rather your -user looks. One of the following steps is finding the fears. Fear of failure is the titular barrier in the user profile. The user is choosing to buy what you are selling. "I'm scared of making the wrong choice and letting down my family" (or, in some cases, business). More barriers exist in your user profile that will be unique to your business. Assessing and catering the UX to that will help convert John Doe into reoccurring consumers.

Discovering your business's strengths will allow you to build a list of healthy motivators for John Doe. Does the user have:

  • Control
  • Value (do they see what they get for their dollar)
  • Excitement
  • Knowledge
  • Capability

Equipping yourself with this additional information can facilitate the user experience to weaken the barriers and strengthen the motivators. In turn, you enable ways to close deals and create a sustainable UX.

Understanding your users (potential clients) at a deeper level will help you to cater the experience to increase engagement in your digital space.

Most notably with your business instead of the "other brand."

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