Daily Routine For You and Your Business

Tuesday, May 18th
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The purpose of a daily routine is to keep you in the habit of getting things accomplished efficiently.

Having a routine helps you start your day and pushes you when you fall behind in your personal or professional goals. Even if you don't necessarily adhere to your day-to-day planning, keeping a detailed schedule gives you a feeling of making progress.

If you don't know how to create a daily routine, start by breaking down the tasks you need to complete into several smaller goals. A lot of success comes from breaking it down into quarter, half, or full-hour time slots. Many free (or paid 😬) apps make this life maintenance much more accessible.

Twitter and Squarespace CEO Jack Dorsey has a notably unique approach to successfully running two S&P 500 companies. He breaks his days down into small time slots, and get this; he themes his days. By grouping up and dedicating different days to an overarching theme, Dorsey can use momentum to succeed tremendously in the business world.

Below are just a few ways you can't start today.

- Pick an app, Google Calendar, or use a planner

- Break down your day by the hour

- Theme your days

By dedicating different days to a theme (not superhero day), you can help to maintain consistency in your scheduling.

- Be Disciplined

Being disciplined is easier said than done. The 21 days in a row method is a proven method that facilitates an expedited way to form habits. Enjoy the honeymoon phase, push through the inevitable urge to stop, and get in the groove.

- Partner Up If You Need To

Finding a partner is always helpful if you have a reliable coworker, friend, or spouse. With support and accountability, it becomes a much easier process to push through.

- Get Back Up Again

If you miss a day (or 4), that's okay. Plenty of the most successful CEOs, athletes, and icons have days where they felt discouraged.

"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor."
- Truman Capote

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