Dear Google Pt. 3

Thursday, June 17th
Marketing Director

Cage Pipes

As you can see in the title, this is the 3rd- and final installment of the "Dear Google" series.

With that said, you wouldn't just watch Return Of The King. Go back. Read parts one and two. Or don't, I'm not your caretaker.

Let's use this last article to focus on the most actionable and proven SEO tactics so that our listing can rise top to the top. Are you ready?

Website Optimization (Yes, that means mobile.)

If you learn nothing else, please understand the MOBILE optimization is a must. As of late 2020, Google switched to mobile-first indexing for all sites. That tells us that Google's invisible score can go up or down according to our site's function.

Use video and photo's alike!

Don't let your small business budget stop you from utilizing the most critical aspect of the digital world. Between phone recordings and motion graphics, there are plenty of options available to you.


I know we just shared the importance of optimization. But I think it is worth revisiting. Google considers sites optimized for searchers to be fully optimized, as well. So by optimizing your website for the actual people coming to visit it, you're optimizing it for Google, as well.


Creating any content is a great way to expedite your listing to the top of the digital food chain. Be sure to write blog posts that are relevant to your ideal customers and answer their questions. Then, when the customer searches these keywords, your site "BING!" straight to the top. Blogs are a magnificent aid to building trust with your leads.

It's not enough to blog about keywords that are relevant to your personas: If you want to attract visitors to drive sustained traffic to your side, you have to keep blogging consistently.

Blogging gives search engines a reason to crawl your website on behalf of the consumer. Content creation- more specifically, blogging, allows more opportunities for those search engines to discover your pages, index them, and hoist them up to help perpetuate your digital dominance!

The different strategies shared with you over the past few weeks should do a lot to get your business climbing the ladder of Google Listings.

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