Team-Building Ideas For You To Send Your Boss

Thursday, July 08th
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Worklife can be cumbersome no matter how much you enjoy the team around you. Team-building exercises and getaways are a great way to release the tension in the office. Unless you cook fish in the shared microwave, you can hang back.

If you've ever sat in one spot for too long, like a doctor's office, DMV, or your friend's kids' 7-year-old birthday party, then you have experienced fatigue from doing nothing. Team outings allow you to not only get out but experience your coworkers and management in a new light. By engaging in team-building activities, you can bring people together to build a dynamic team. Some of the team-outing benefits include:

  • Giving natural leaders a platform to excel
  • Increased cohesion
  • Productivity!

Identifying leaders, revamping communication, and revitalizing the team are all a part of success in the business world. At any rate, you aren't here to learn why fluorescent lights affect your efficiency. You're here to send ideas to your boss.

Team Building Ideas:


Are you tired of John running his mouth about how good his ribs taste? Time for them to put their skills to the test. Chilli and baked goods are always a healthy competition as well. Be sure to label ingredients in your home-cooked meals.

Beer Brewing

Homemade beer is a LeadFlask favorite. The process is simple to get started with a plethora of kits to help get started.


The more sequins and fake wigs, the better. This activity is for a more extroverted team- usually. You never know; Cher can bring anyone into the limelight.

Mario Party/Kart Night

Team members with siblings can relax here. I doubt your coworkers are going to force you to play Luigi. A fun-filled tournament or casual races/matches will bring out the laughter and competition.


Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, or local schools are always welcoming of spirited volunteers. Using team-building time to help the community is an excellent way for everyone to grow.

Holiday Caroling

(Don't do this in July, or do.) Caroling in nursing homes and children's hospitals is a magical experience. However, if you are concerned about the quality your team might provide, many communities have places where you can sign up.

Board Game Night (but not monopoly)

I strongly recommend a board game night. Chutes and Ladders, Sorry!, and Operation are competitive enough to raise the stakes for office bragging rights. NO MONOPOLY.

Most of all, have fun.

The brief ideas listed above facilitate good times, laughs, and establish your company's culture. Remember, a happy team is best!

Oh! Don't forget to share these ideas with your boss!

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